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Q: When can I get married and how much notice must I give?
A: In order to get married, we need to complete a Notice of Intended Marriage and that cannot be completed any sooner than 18 months before the wedding and no later than one calendar month before the wedding, unless permission granted by BDM.

Q: Do we need to know what forms need to be completed?
A: No, I will ensure that all legal documentation are provided and completed.

Q: We want to arrive at the ceremony together, is this suitable?
A: Of course it’s your ceremony, so therefore you are more than able to arrive together.

Q: Do I have to be given away?
A: No, this is a personal choice and is not a requirement.

Q: What would happen if you were to get sick?
A: I would ensure another Celebrant would be available  for your special day.

Q: What name does the bride sign on the day of the Wedding?
A: Her maiden name on all documentation.

Q: How long will the Ceremony take?
A: Generally, ceremonies last for about 20-25 minutes, but all ceremonies are what you want and how you want them to be

Q: How long before I can apply for our Official Marriage Certificate?
A: I will provide you with the information as to how to apply for your Official Marriage Certificate.
It can take anywhere from 14 to 25 working day after the lodgment of the forms for your certificate to be available.

Q: What documentation will I provide for you?
A: Notice of Intended Marriage form
Happily, Ever, Before and After
Statutory declaration – if required
Information on Relationship counsellors
Information on interpreter Service – if required
Complete folder with ceremony choices, vows, rituals and blessings
Terms and Conditions
Complaint Form
Feedback form
Declaration of No Legal Impediment

  • On the Wedding Day – Certificate of Marriage (your unofficial copy)
  •  Official Certificate of Marriage
  •   Marriage Register

Q: What information do I need to provide in order to  complete Notice of Intended Marriage.
A: You will need to provide the following evidenc

Proof of date and place of birth AND photo Identity

  • Birth certificate – must be original, photocopy not acceptable
  • OR Passport
  • If born Overseas – passport or birth certificate – must be passport issued in birth country.

Australian passport and cancelled passports not accepted

  • Proof of termination of any previous marriage via Decree Absolute, Divorce Certificate
  • Death Certificate if previous spouse deceased
  • Change of Name certificate or re issue of Birth certificate if name changed

Evidence of Identity

Driver’s License / proof of age – photo card as issued by a government department

Q: Who lodges all the forms with Birth, Deaths and Marriages?
A:I send all necessary forms sent to Birth, Deaths and Marriages the next working day after the Ceremony via Registered Mail

Q: Once I am married, how do I change my name officially?
A: You will need to apply for a copy of your Official Marriage Certificate. Once that has been received, you are able to change your name.

Q: Is there any legal documentation required for Commitment Ceremonies, Renewal of Vows, Naming Day?
A: No, as yet, Commitment Ceremonies are not recognised by law
You will be provided with a Certificate of Recognition for each of the Ceremonies as a memento of the day.